What to Make for a Potluck?

For the Christmas season, I attended 2 dinner potlucks. Potlucks are a struggle for me in deciding what to make. I often have a hard time figuring out what dish to make that can feed at least 5-8 people. This year with the help of Kraft cooking magazines, I went ahead and used 2 of their recipes.

The first dish I made was a Mac and Cheese Ham Bake. D helped with this dish and it was nice and simple. The nice thing of this dish was that we didn’t have to make the Mac and Cheese from scratch. Of course, not as healthy, but it does safe a lot of time and worries. I hope as I get better at cooking, one day I can make a Mac and Cheese from scratch really quickly (last time it took me over an hour hehe). Following the recipe, we were able to present this dish at the potluck.

Mac and Cheese Ham BakeMCHB

The next recipe I used for my 2nd potluck was a cheese scone recipe. This recipe was unique in where I used cream cheese instead of butter. It was my first time making cheese scones, and everyone said it tasted great. Maybe a repeat will be needed.

Cheese Scones


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