Budget 2014

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been inspired by some of the bloggers I follow to start a specific series of blog posts on my spending budget. This year D and I are going to work on tracking our spending especially since a big chunk of our money going towards the wedding and the new house. We have set aside $700 for our 2014 free spending/hobbies fund. Yes, I know it sounds a lot and my goal is not to spend it all, but I have the budget to go up to $700 if I wanted to. I think blogging about it will be a great way to see how I spend my money and how much I am spending.

Happy to report so far for January, I have spent $0. The reason is I am saving it for my upcoming trip to Boston. I get emails and flyers saying there are so many winter sales on right now as they are bringing in the spring seasonal clothing, but I have resisted and have tried not to look at them too closely. I have been doing research on possible pieces I might want to purchase while I’m in Boston. Will update more when I return from Boston. Who knows, maybe I won’t find what I want when I’m there.


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