Some New Blogs I Follow

I am always on the hunt for new blogs to follow. I am drawn to fashion blogs (similar to styles I like or might be able to try), DIY craft blogs, organizational blogs and random beauty blogs. Lately with clicking links in blogs I read, it has led me to discover some new blogs I am going to start following regularly.

I have been following Jean on Extrapetite for a while. I really like her style. Though I am not as petite as her, I gather many ideas from seeing how she pairs her clothes. I also really like her DIY projects as well as learning how to alter clothes and proportionately style my clothes. From her, I found Franziska from Franish. I found she has reviews of clothes from J. Crew, which I love.  She also have wonderful posts about how to pair clothes especially since I am looking for ideas of what to wear in a professional setting. She also has posts about budgeting which has inspired me to start my own. From Franish, I found Kimmie from Blue Paper Lanterns. I really like looking at how she styles her clothes and she also has budgeting posts. Also from Franish, I found Mélina on She said J’M, a fellow Canadian, who blogs about spending and beauty products and life. Lastly from this month’s blog readings, I found Jen from IHeart organizing, with amazing organizational tips and ideas, truly inspiring as I am constantly trying to clean my room and closet. These tips will definitely come in handy when D and I eventually move in to our own place.

Just wanted to share some new blogs that I have found recently. Hope you enjoy them as well.


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