Music Monday — Switchfoot Part 2.

With their new CD , Fading West, being released last week, I figured I blog about it while it’s still new. This new CD goes along with their Fading West Film that they have been promoting. This film follows the band around looking for musical inspiration and the perfect surfing locations around the world. I am interested and hoping I will be able to watch this film one day.
Here is the trailer to their film.

Back to their new CD,  they have posted their new songs on their youtube page which I have been listening to non-stop. Hehe, I know it’s a pretty good CD when I have found a few songs I like. Some of my favourites have been: When We Come Alive, Who We Are, The World We Want, Let it Out and Love Alone is Worth the Fight. I will most likely buy the CD the next time I am at Blessings.

Here are the first two videos they have for their songs Love Alone is Worth the Fight and Who We Are.


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