30 Hour Famine 2014 Update.

Since my last post was about going to do the 30 Hour Famine, I figured I should post a quick update on how it went.

Praise God it went so well. We had 25 kids participate in the famine along with 8 leaders. We all survived. hehe. The kids had fun. Served with a wonderful group of counselors. The kids learned and had awesome discussions. Love these kids and my team that I work with. I thank God for all of them!!!

and Bonus … They raised just over $4300. So Proud of them!!! 

For one of the activities, we had them participate in #realloveis… and here is what we compiled.


Thank you God for a wonderful 30 hours where we came to know You more, learn about those in need who are close to home and across the world. Help us to continue to serve You better and to love others like how You love them. Thank you for this awesome fellowship time bringing us all closer as a community. May you continue to watch over these kids and bless them. Amen.


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