Music Monday — selection of songs

This week I am not featuring a specific band. I want to share some songs I have been listening to when I create a space to spend time with God. When life is going so fast and I feel like I am always so constantly busy, I have to create a little retreat space where I can come before God and spend time with Him. It doesn’t happen often. I am so easily swept up in all the things I have to do but thank you to God who brings me back. I know I have to turn to Him for rest. I like to turn off my room light, turn on my desk lamp and my snowflake lights. Turn on my acoustic worship songs and reflect, pray, read, and spend time with God.

One of the videos I love watching/listening in the background is the Hillsong United video of “Oh You Bring”, it has parts of their documentary from the I-Heart revolution. This definitely tugs at my heart each time. The lines that I cry out  too are: ” All that I am will serve you LORD” and “Jesus you’re everything I need”.

Another recent song I have started playing in the background non-stop is “Sometimes” by David Crowder*Band. I found it on 8tracks while listening to random mixes. It is such a great song reminding my how much God loves me.

Thank you for letting me share these songs with you.


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