Music Monday — Paramore

You will soon realize with more music monday posts, I am drawn to alternative pop/indie music. I don’t really know what the genre is. But definitely growing up while in Jr. High and High School I really like punk music. One of the bands I listened to was Paramore. I thought it was so cool that Hayley was the lead singer with a band of guys. I wanted to start a band when I was in High School, sadly, it was just a dream. hehe. I have yet to completely learn to play guitar. It is a work in progress. Here are two of Paramore’s older songs that I enjoy listening to.

Paramore – That’s What You Get

Paramore – The Only Exception

If you have time, check out their newer songs as well, they are quite good. Here is Paramore – Daydreaming. I like this video as it brings back many memories of my travel adventures with my friends whether it be exploring the east coast,vacationing at Disney World, or wandering around Tokyo and Seoul.


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