Music Monday — Rend Collective

On the drive home from Bible Study Fellowship tonight, I heard DC Talk’s “In the Light” which I had shared in a previous Music Monday post, I just love that song. Another song I heard on the radio was Rend Collective’s “My Lighthouse”. I have been hearing it on the radio lots and it’s really catchy. I was introduced to Rend Collective by one of my awesome youth kids. The song she introduced to me was “Desert Soul”. I could not stop listening to it when she first sent it to me. I relate so much to the lyrics, just listening to it again while writing this post, I need you God, but I want to need You more!!  “You are exactly what we need. Only You can satisfy”. Thank you R for introducing this band and this song to me. They have such great worship songs.

Build Your Kingdom Here:

My Lighthouse:




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