Music Monday — Backstreet’s Back

I know I have posted about the Backstreet Boys back in January. I ended that blog post by saying how I hoped that they would tour Canada again so D and I could go together. Little did we know, that our hopes would be fulfilled so quickly. BSB had a concert in Edmonton on Saturday, May 17th and we were able to get last minute tickets to go. It was so much fun to see them live and sing at the top of my lungs. hehe. We were able to go with our friends R & J. D was so drained by the end of it as he isn’t used to the concert environment. I am very appreciative that he did come and that we could share this experience together.

D really likes their newest song “Show ’em (What You’re Made of). At the concert, they said that Kevin and AJ had written this song for their kids.

Quit Playing Games With My Heart:

I want It That Way:




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