Music Monday – Hans Zimmer

I have mentioned Hans Zimmer previously in my Inception movie blog. Hans Zimmer is a German-born composer known for many of his movie scores. D and I really like a lot of his movie soundtracks such as Inception, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Batman Trilogy (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and the Dark Knight Rises) to just name a few. As you can tell, we are drawn to the very epic soundtracks. It pumps you up wanting to go and take on the world. hehe. I’ll just a share a few favorite of ours from the movies mentioned above. He has composed scores for many different movies which will be shared in another future blog post.

Pirates of the Caribbean – One Day

The Dark Knight Rises – Why Do We Fall

Batman Begins – Corynorhinus

Fun Fact of the day with D – In the Batman Begins’ Soundtrack, all the track names are species names of bats. If you take the first letter of each track from Track #4 – #9, it spells BATMAN. Isn’t that neat.




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