Back to Business

Hello Everyone!!!

I’m so excited to be back to blogging, hopefully life will settle down for a few weeks at least hehe. So much to update about since my last blog.

I got married =D It is slowly sinking in. Everyone asks how it feels or how it has been different and my answer every time is “it’s been awesome, I love being with my best friend all the time now.” Pictures and wedding stuff will be posted later on.

D and I have made 2 trips since we have gotten married. We took our honeymoon in San Diego which we will be sharing about later. We have also just returned from Toronto to attend L&T’s wedding. It was so much fun as we travelled with a bunch of our friends.

House sitting for friends now as we wait for the completion of our house. Our friends have been so sweet and generous to allow us to crash at their place while they are away.

Lots of pictures and stories to share soon. Be on the lookout for more posts! Happy to be back.

Thank you for all of your support even while I was away =D


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