Switchfoot – Fading West

I have finally been able to watch Switchfoot’s Film “Fading West” courtesy of Netflix. I have been waiting and wanting to see this film since it came out. (see previous Music Monday) It was an awesome film; so inspiring to see what they have experienced through their family life, travels, surfing and music. It makes me excited as I’ll be taking a surfing class 2 weeks from now. Super pumped now. haha. I loved seeing where they got their inspirations for their music. One of my favourite parts was when they were the the Kuyasa Kids choir in South Africa. Just seeing them partner up with these kids in previous years and now to come and visit them again was so touching. It also helps they sing my favourite song together. hehe.

If you get a chance, I highly recommend this film =D Here is a recent music video for Switchfoot’s “When We Come Alive”.


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