Hey everyone,

I am so sorry. Life has just been so crazy with starting a new job and trying to juggle all the different commitments I have. But I think I am starting to get the hang of it. =D Trying to take time and reflect and find rest in God’s word has really been helping. Of course there are days where I just want to veg and be a couch potato, but I have been learning that I need to be intentional with how I spend my time. I have started reading this book that is encouraging me to spend my time more wisely.

Last night my small group had a very inspiring and refreshing bible study. Our discussion led us to talk about what we are passionate about and how we can use this passion to further God’s kingdom. It is always so inspiring to hear what my fellow believers have a passion for which gives me a spark of encouragement and how I need to dig deeper to explore my passions. I know this is a very vague blog so far, but as I continue to explore I will definitely share it. Continue to pray for me that this is not just a phase and be bummed down by the daily stresses of life. I hope to be encouraged and to be able to continue to use the gifts God has given me.

Thanks for listening.


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