Time Flies By…

It’s quite crazy to realize that my last actual blog post was back in February. How time has flown by and it is mid-July already. So what have I been up to…. trying to figure life out. There has been a lot of new things for me this year and I think I have finally started to settle into this new schedule.

Started a new job which I guess 6 months in isn’t so new anymore but I am still constantly learning. There is so much I feel I don’t know, but I like it. Everyday I am learning more and more at this job and I am enjoying it.

As D and I are approaching our first year anniversary (where does the time go?), I think we have settled into our new life together. We are cooking and trying new recipes. We are able to juggle our busy schedules and still make time for our friends and families and for our selves.

I can’t wait to start sharing about the different adventures we are living out… from our Japan trip to even sharing pictures from our wedding last year. Here’s to many exciting future posts =D


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