Eating Out 

There are still many days we eat out. Here a some glimpses into our eating out adventures. 

Tried a Korean Bulgogi Dog at It Dog

Stopped by downtown to visit D for a lunch at Remedy. Love their butter chicken. D got their Veggie Dhsoa. 

My cousin was in town and we went to the VIP theatres. Had a delicious California Burger and fries while watching a movie. 

Enjoyed a very tasty work dinner at Sabor. I have heard my good things about this restaurant and was excited to finally try it. I got the Cornish Hen with Risotto. It was so delicious and such a large portion. I could barely even finish half of it.  There was enough to feed D the next day for his lunch. Their desserts were delicious as well. 

Stay tuned for more posts!! 


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