2016 New Year, New Hair 

On Dec 28, 2015, I finally gathered my courage and decided to get a haircut. My last haircut in a salon was back in 2010. Since 2010, I have been trimming/layering my own hair at home. Or as my stylist called I have been doing the “YouTube haircut” which is true as I learned how to cut my layers on YouTube. Anyways, I have been contemplating for months now about a more drastic change than my usual trim. So taking a few weeks, using Google and Yelp, I decided on Fresh&Co Salons. They have 3 locations with 2 being really close to our house. I only had 2 days off and I booked with whichever salon could fit me in on my days off.

The experience was great. My stylist discussed what I wanted and her ideas for me before washing my hair. After the wash and scalp massage, she began cutting. She was precise and detail orientated. We also had a wonderful conversation about traveling and swapping our travel stories. At the end, she showed me how to curl my hair with this new shorter length. I had an enjoyable time at the salon and would be back the next time I need a cut.

Before:  (please excuse the mess in the background)


Here is to a new year and a new do!!


photo credit: DH


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