New Hobby: Hand Lettering

Hand Lettering is something I have been wanting to try except for I did not know where to start. D taught himself Calligraphy and I have always admired that. I like handwriting which goes with the calligraphy but my style is definitely more of the lettering and different fonts. With D’s encouragement, I have been researching and discovering hand lettering. I am still in the beginning stages of learning hand lettering and it will take a lot of practice but I am interested and inspired. Hopefully with more practice, I will be able to show you my progress and update as I explore hand lettering.

Here are a few links which have helped me begin my new hobby in Hand Lettering:

Hand Lettering 101 with Dawn Nicole Designs 

Hand Lettering for Beginners with Made Vibrant 

Crash Course in Hand Lettering with Tim Brown 


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