Eating In: Gnocchi with Sausage and Spinach

A few Friday Favorites ago,  I featured a new recipe I had found on Real Simple. D and I decided to try this recipe and it was so delicious. The awesome thing was that it is an easy recipe to follow! We made a few changes to the ingredients in order to use up some items we already had at home such as using a sweet onion instead of the yellow onion in the recipe. We also left out the garlic as D and were lazy in not wanting to chop up the garlic. Here are some pictures of our cooking adventure.








The exciting thing was that I instagramed the last picture and it got featured on Gastropost on Jan 8, 2016. It’s such a small little thing, but D and I were thrilled and excited to see this picture on a website. Then on Jan 13, 2016, the same pictures had a small feature in our city newspaper. Here is a pdf version, see if you can find my picture.


Have a great week!!


photo credit: DH



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