DIY Adventures – Baby Cloud

Just want to share a small DIY sewing project I had completed in January.

2014-01-19 09.09.25

I made this for a wonderful friend of mine who is about to have her baby anytime now. I attended her baby shower in January and wanted to make a special gift for her baby. Working with kids in the hospital, I see a lot of different toys that kids like to play with.  I wanted to make something soft and at the same time to have something that will attract the baby’s attention.

I found this cute pattern at Hello-Refabulous. It had good and easy to follow instructions.Using this pattern, I also added some extra touches to the cloud such as adding crinkling wrap inside the cloud so when the baby holds it, they will hear the crinkling sounds. I also changed the strips of fabric hanging from the cloud to loops so the baby can grasp them.

Sorry I don’t have a step by step tutorial of what I did this time as I literally made this super last minute. Oh procrastination. hehe. Hoping baby will like it.