5 Friday Favorites

So we’re back into the swing of things, back to a full week of work and life. Hope you all had a great week back to whatever you’re doing. Here are some favorite things that helped encourage me this week.

Favorite Lock Screen Verse: Joel 2:13 from She Reads Truth


Favorite Worship Song: David Crowder “Come As You Are”

Favorite New Recipe To Try: Gnocchi With Sausage and Spinach via Real Simple


Favorite DIY Clock: Decoupage Clock via Darby Smart

Decoupage clock step 4

Favorite Party Design/Entertaining Blog: The Sweetest Occasion

A beautiful website with tons of DIY projects and recipes. I love scrolling through and finding different projects to try.


We have a fresh coat of snow to enjoy this weekend. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!!



2016 Happy New Year: 5 Friday Favorites


I am determined to post more on my blog in 2016. My plan is to set up a schedule where I post at least twice a week. My tentative schedule is to post on Tuesdays and Fridays. I’ll do my very best to stick to this schedule. Hope you enjoy!!

Since today is a Friday, I am starting a new blog series called 5 Friday Favorites . Every Friday, I’ll be sharing 5 different things that I like and want to share with you.

With the New Year here, I am including a few New Year related favorites …

Favorite Planner: White Carrara Year-Less Planner

Favorite Printable Game: From Alice & Lois

Favorite New Year Song: Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?”

Favorite New Year’s Boundless Article:8 Spark Plugs to Start Your New Year” by Steve Shadrach


Favorite Quote to start off the New Year: C. S. Lewis via BrainyQuote

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. - C. S. Lewis

Happy New Year!! Excited for what 2016 will bring!!


2015 – Excited for the New Year

Happy New Year Friends!!

With the new year here, I have been taking the time to reflect and think about what I want to do in 2015. Every year, my dad gets the family together to explore and set goals on what we want to do in the upcoming year. This year, not living at home anymore, D and I brought it upon ourselves to keep this habit going. It’s great to reflect and see what I want to accomplish this year. At church today, in our pastor’s sermon he reminded us of how we are to trust our new year into God’s hands. It is such an awesome reminder that no matter what happens, God is always with us. So I am excited to entrust 2015 to God.

Here are some of my goals for 2015.

1. Spending more time with God. We discussed in our fellowship the other night about setting up a routine or a rhythm in our lives with how we spend time with God. I am encouraged to dwell more in God’s presence. Taking time away from the busyness of life and to have that quality time with God. I am still figuring out ways that I can do this, but my friends have encouraged me to explore areas where I can find delight and rest in God. As I figure this out, I will definitely share with you.

“Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you”

James 4:8a

2. Becoming more healthy through exercise and eating well. This is an important goal of mine as after my wedding I have stopped working out and I definitely feel the effects of not having that healthy area in my life. I feel more tired and more lazy in general. So with this new year, I know it won’t be easy and I will have to take baby steps to get back into it, but I am ready. I really enjoy doing the Blogilates workouts and her workout calendars are awesome. To start off I am going to do her new beginners calendar. I completed her first one before and thought trying her new one would be a great way to get back into it. Eating well will be another goal of mine as D and I are slowly learning how to cook. We are trying to meal plan more so we buy the appropriate food and don’t waste any like we have been doing. I will definitely share with you our cooking adventures.

3. Working on my creative side. This year, I want to keep working and writing on this blog. This blog is such a great outlet for me to share my thoughts, adventures and all the different things I am learning from God. I also want to continue to work on DIY projects and continue to explore new baking recipes which of course I will be sharing on this blog.

4. Budgeting – as some of you know, I had try to blog about my free spend purchases last year and to keep a blog about my budget. Unfortunately I only made through January 2014. This year, I am going to try again. So look forward to that post in the near future.

Thanks for taking the time to read through some of my goals. I am thrilled to start this new year and to see what God has in stored for me.


ps: I will be taking a break from posting Music Mondays starting tomorrow as I am exploring new areas I can blog about. I will still post songs that I like in future blogs but for now there won’t be any official Music Mondays. Thanks for the support.

Music Monday – G-Dragon and Taeyang, AKMU

As I started off 2014 with Big Bang, I decided to finish the year off with more Korean music. G-Dragon and Taeyang of Big Bang recently released their single “Good Boy” and I personally find it catchy along with the dance. At first I didn’t like it, but it definitely grew on me. Poor D has to listen to it every time I play this song.

Taeyang’s “Ears, Nose, Lips” song was popular and YG had different artist cover that song. I really liked AKMU’s cover of this song. I’ll share with you Taeyang’s original version and then AKMU’s.

Enjoy the Korean music.

Music Monday – Christmas Songs – Part 3

Sorry this post is a bit late, but better late than never. This week I’ll share a few random Christmas songs that I enjoy listening to.

In previous years, while decorating the Christmas tree at my parent’s house, we always listened to Backstreet Boy songs. It’s even better now that they have a really catchy Christmas song “It’s Christmas Time Again”. I can replay this song over and over.

My friend introduced me to this youtube channel “Watch Mojo” where they have top 10 lists for different categories. I’ll share 2 lists with you today.

Top 10 Classic Christmas Songs

Top 10 Modern Christmas Songs:

Enjoy the music as we draw nearer to Christmas!!