Short Break

Hi Friends,

I am going to be taking a short break from this blog but I will be back in no time with more pictures and adventures to share with you all!!!

Have a wonderful start to June!!! 🙂


Friday Favorites #11 Rainy Day Favorites

This weekend is forecasted for rain where I live. I am sharing a few favorites for rainy days.

I love curling up and reading by the fireplace. Favorite Cozy Fireplace Room viz Houzz

Have a cup of hot, steaming tea. Favorite Earl Grey Infused with Hot Chocolate via Chindeep

It’s a great time to catch up on some TV as well, I’ll share a show that D and I have really enjoyed: Favorite Comedy Police Show: Brooklyn Nine-Nine via FOX


When it’s cold out, I love to turn the oven on and doing a little baking. Favorite M&M Cookie Recipe via Deliciously Yum


Treat yourself to a warm bubble bath. Favorite Lavender Vanilla Bubble Bath via Bath & Body Works

Lavender Vanilla Luxury Bath - Aromatherapy - Bath & Body Works

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.


Pray for Fort McMurray

This week instead of a Favorite Friday post, I’m going to share a bit about what’s happening in Alberta. Sadly, there has been a wildfire in Fort McMurray which has caused the whole city of 88,000 people to evacuate. It is so heartbreaking to see and hear what they are all going through. To have to flee and leave their house and all their stuff behind, not knowing if anything will still be there. To not knowing when they will be able to go back to the city. It is amazing to see how people have come together and brought support to all these people whether opening up their houses, offering food, offering their services and donating money is just the beginning of all the support that is out there. #albertastrong

Please keep the families and the first responders in your prayers. Pray for rain. Pray for those who are still traveling to safety. Pray for those who have lost their homes. Pray.

If you are able to, donate to the Canadian Red Cross.

Canadian Red Cross

Stay safe everyone!