New Discovery: ‘Over’ App

MAY is here and we are experiencing some crazy hot weather, in the high 20 degrees. Usually we get this kind of weather in July. I’m definitely not complaining, I am soaking in the sunshine as much as I can.

I am thinking of starting an another blog series called New Discovery. This is where I introduce something I have recently discovered and enjoy having.

I am starting this series off with sharing a new app that I am loving. This app is called “Over“.  Over allows you to add text and art to your pictures. I used this app for my Hello May picture featured above. The flower picture is from a shot I took in San Diego. I then used the app to add in the text Hello May as one layer and my blog name as a second layer. In the app, it features numerous of fonts to select from. You are able to change font colors, size, opacity, etc. It also allows you to apply multiple layers of fonts. I really enjoy how there are so many different options in this app from set phrases to free daily artwork you can use as background pictures.

You can find more information at the following links: Over (Apple), Over (Android).

Wishing you a wonderful start to your MAY!!



5 Friday Favorites

So excited that it is Friday again. Since starting my current job, I appreciate Friday’s so much more as it does symbolize the weekend for me. Previously when I worked shift work, Friday was always something I knew people looked forward to, but for myself having to work weekends and night shifts, I was never able to appreciate it quite the same. But since joining the Monday-Friday work world, Friday’s are now treasured and look forwarded to.

Here are some favorites I found this week.

Favorite Font: Pacific Northwest Letters

Favorite New Blog found on Bloglovin’ : The Private Life of a Girl

The Private Life of a Girl

Favorite Homemade Ramen Recipe By Emma Chapman from A Beautiful Mess

Easy Homemade Ramen (via

Favorite Blue Cut-Out Flats via Shop Ruche

Favorite Jenn Im interview with Threadscene Vol 1 & Vol 2

Have a great weekend!!