Music Monday – Coldplay

This week we will revisit one of my favorite memories at a concert. It was a Coldplay concert. My friends and I had purchased tickets way up in the 200 section. I was working a 12hr shift that day and my friend and her sister went first and I would join them after work. Right after work, on my way to the train, I received a text message saying my friends had won an upgrade of seats! I arrived and had to meet my friend in order to exchange my ticket for these new upgraded ones. As I followed her to our new seats, she led me to the floor section and closer and closer to the front. I still had no clue where our new seats were but I was getting more and more excited. The opening band was halfway through their set and finally we reached our new seats where her sister was waiting for us. To my utter shock and surprise, we had upgraded to front row seats. I could touch the railing that separates us from Coldplay, and there were security guys on the side. I could not believe this happened. I am so thankful to this day, for my friend and her sister for being able to get us these upgraded seats. When Coldplay finally came on stage, it was amazing. Being there was exhilarating. Coldplay really knew how to captivate the audience and put on a good show. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity, definitely a memory to remember. Listening to Viva La Vida brings back so many memories from camping trips to the concert.

Princess of China acoustic version, is a song a close friend of mine recommended. I really enjoy listening to this version and wanted to share with you all.