Music Monday – Hillsong Worship

As I have been away for so long, it has taken me some time to get back on to my Music Monday schedule. But have no fear, I am back though a day late. hehe. I should back to regular Mondays after this week.

This week I want to share some worship songs I have been listening/singing to a lot.

Hillsong – Broken Vessels

We sang this song about month or so ago in church and the lyrics really spoke to me. I also love the melody of this song. It is so calming and I love having this song on during my devos or even right now as I am writing this blog, staring out my window, admiring the moon God has presented tonight.  D really likes how “Amazing Grace” is incorporated into this song and sung a bit differently.

Hillsong – With Everything

The lyrics are so powerful. I really like verse 2 and the chorus. I want to worship God with everything. I find myself always so caught up in this earthly world, I like how it says in verse 2, I need to break down the walls I’ve built-in me. I need to lay down my own desires at God’s feet and take on God’s desires for me. I need to be open and willing to surrender to God, not just part of me but with everything I have and I am. I want to shout for God’s glory. I want to shine for Him.

“Break down our pride
And all the walls we’ve built up inside
Our earthly crowns and all our desires
We lay at Your feet”

“With everything,
With everything,
We will shout for Your glory.

With everything,
With everything,
We will shout forth Your praise.”


Music Monday – Gungor

Yesterday, our congregation was led in a great worship set. We sang one of Michael Gungor’s songs “Filled With Glory”. I kept singing this song over and over especially the bridge section was stuck in my head all night.

The earth will be filled with glory
Like water o’er the sea, Filled with glory

Another song I just found out is Gungor’s is “Beautiful Things”. I first heard this song on Tim Neufeld’s CD as a cover which I really liked and then just recently stumbled upon Gungor and found out it is their song.


Music Monday – All Sons & Daughters

Back again for another music Monday. This week I am going to introduce to you a duo called All Sons & Daughters. They are fairly new to me but I was hooked to their music when I first started listening. On Wikipedia, they are described as Christian Worship-Acoustic-Folk music. This duo started off as worship leaders at their church. I really like their live recording and want to share several songs with you.

Wake up

Great Are You Lord

On their youtube page, they posted a video of their tour for a Night of Worship. I really like those lights and the transformation of their set-up. The evening looks like an awesome time of worship, drawing near to God. Hope to be able to worship with them one day.

Music Monday – Starfield

Back again for another Music Monday. This week is a Canadian Christian band that I have liked for a long time. I have seen them live at least twice. I got to meet them in person and had them sign my Starfield t-shirt and my CD. We even brought our youth kids to their concerts and they loved it. They are interactive with the audience, leaving the stage and performing songs in the middle of the crowd. D and I really admire that they are very genuine and so down to earth. There are too many songs to pick from to share, one of my favourite off their current CD is “The Kingdom”.

2012-10-13 23.35.09

Signed Starfield T-shirt and CD

Recently Tim, lead vocalist, released a solo album which has been playing non-stop in my car since October. One of my favourite songs from that album is a cover song called “Praise Him” It is so fun and catchy, I end up singing along without even noticing it.

Hope you enjoy too. Till next week…